Gracing the stage as an 8 piece Duo. Tapping the Flow with The Blackheart Orchestra

This week I shared a mighty banter filled hour laughing with the wonderful duo The Blackheart Orchestra.

When you catch them live you will be listening to an 8 piece band but you will be witnessing a supremely talented and adventurous musical Duo surrounded by swathes of gear. Such is the sonic palette in which they practice creativity that they must dive deep with their skill sets when it comes to performance ethic.

Their recently released album Mesmeranto is full of beautiful songwriting taken to thrilling heights by a production style that echoes The Cocteau Twins, Mike Oldfield & Kate Bush. We discuss how and why they take such a huge amount of stuff on the road to bring this music to life as well as how the pursuit of happiness can be hindered by its attainment. 🙂

You can hear the duo here :