Being truthful to the muse who holds the cards. Tapping the Flow with Gabriel Moreno

I sat down with London based Gibraltan Singer/Songwriter, Poet, and Curator of London’s infamous Lantern Society Gabriel Moreno, to take a deep dive beneath the surface protrusions and get tangled in the intricacies of what it takes to be a true lifer in this game of art and song.

We had met once very briefly a while ago but our paths truly crossed in this episode when we embraced our mutual appreciation for song craft and individual expression. Gabriel is a veteran of the thriving scene of artistic nomads who gather at the Lantern Society to express their unique artistic voices. He has released several albums and is a lauded poet who has published many books in the past and present. 

A driving force of creative energy he curates, creates and embodies the spirit to artistry. I strongly recommend going to his website to check out his amazing work. It is stellar stuff! 

The Lantern Society is also a very fine night of singer/songwriters and poets with many years of existence under its belt. When we get out of this lockdown that is where musical voices will be shining the brightest lights in London.

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