Stitching feathers of hope to a limping pigeon’s wing. Tapping the Flow with Gabi Garbutt

I sat down with the incredible London based Singer/Songwriter/Poet Gabi Garbutt – bird lover and leader of the group Gabi Garbutt and the Illuminations.

Gabi is a crafter of magnificently human songs that bring joy and abandon to the legs of those who have been seduced by their upbeat charms. Married to this amazing band sprit are her abilities as a wordsmith of unique angles and curves. Her lyrics finely woven like tapestries that have been worn and thumbed for years, yet still reveal new ways of being with each familiarisation of the self.

We spoke in depth about Gabi’s approach to songwriting and wordsmithery, as well as taking a look at her developing position as an important figure to keep an eye on in the music game. Gabi and The Illuminations have been on the road with The Libertines, they recorded their debit album ‘The Discredited Language of Angels‘ at Edwin Collins‘ studio in Scotland. They are due to go on the road with the Boomtown Rats later this year.

I strongly urge you to go now to Bandcamp and take a listen to Gabi’s music. It’ll bring a great chunk of joy and understanding to your day.

You can hear the album here : ‘The Discredited Language of Angels

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