Sharpening the sword once the iron has cooled. Tapping the Flow with David Ford

To be the master of the depths sometimes you have to await hindsight and experience in order to successfully navigate the waters where the jewels of your journey lie.

Singer/Songwriter David Ford is one such nautical genius. With a pen that is sharpened with wit and dripping with emotion he cuts a fine vein in his trajectory to mine only the best jewels from his core.

UK based David Ford made a name for himself as a true master of the loop pedal with such incredible performances as ‘State of the Union‘ – (give that a click if you don’t know it), but it his continued thirst for excellence through compelling lyrical and melodic marriage, combined with his incredible vocal dexterity that goes from a whisper to all our distorted maelstrom that truly sets him apart from the generic practitioners of this often maligned genre.

This conversation is a real gem of a chat. We spoke in depth about David’s own songwriting journey and his hard won processes. It is a true reveal of how much you need to do to get to a position where your songs are worthy monuments to your emotional battles..

I urge you to dive deep into this one and grab yourselves a cup of white tea. (always with the white tea!)

And check out David Ford on any of the streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple and the like… His music has worth, value, emotional content, and a fire and fury that makes for a wonderful trip.

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