Chasing your fears in search of liberation. Tapping the Flow with Colm Forde

Colm Forde is a man who is unafraid to dive straight into uncomfortable waters because he knows that is where he will find growth and fulfill his true potential.

Founder and music programmer, along with his partner Vanessa Lobon, of the Doc’N Roll Film Festival, Colm has for the past 7 years been involved in building the festival from the ground up, to where it is now a firmly planted grass roots promoting film festival serving alternative content from around the world.

We discuss everything from how Colm’s is able to thrive under pressure to how he puts together the festival program. If you want to know what it takes to get a film in this festival this is the place to start.

Doc’N Roll Film Festival is a hub of amazing music documentaries screening all sorts of left field musical brilliance from Punk to Pop, Metal to Soul and even Library Music origins.

Head on over to the website and show some love to the under the radar indie music docs that Colm, Vanessa and the team work so hard to mine from the underground.

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