Tethering ambition to a ship found at sea. Tapping the Flow with Catherine Rudie

What has the musical briefing for a Scottish Bagpipe player from the Chief of Clan MacDonald got to do with the amazing debut album by Scottish songstress Catherine Rudie?

Tune in to find out I’d say . . . .

Roots are best used to provide nourishment and stability for a tree, or in this case an unstoppable forest of musical exploration. We discuss these roots and also cast our eyes across Catherine Rudie‘s insanely explorative debut album ‘The Möbius Kiss‘. This is a record that I was delighted to be involved in the production of. It teases emotions you didn’t know existed for reasons you’d never even considered. All played out from late night skulking in a Paddington M&S creative department.

Dive deep friends and enjoy the flow for in here you’ll find reasons to adjust your usual musical compasses to find a new north.

And please as always take listen to the artist’s music as it is best placed to showcase their work.


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