Layering emotions to reveal the source. Tapping the Flow with Moojigen

This week I cast the pod to the northern quarter of France to chat with Japanese composer/guitarist Moojigen, a.k.a. Yuichiro Maeda

Moojigen and I met in London over a decade ago and recently reconnected discovering that we have very similar pathways into music and for similar reasons. He has a hugely fluent and emotive soundscape story telling ability that sucks you right in and reworks your senses well after the song has finished. His recently released LP ‘Fathers Sea’ is absolutely brilliant and has to be heard :

In this podcast Moojigen recounts how he ended up living in a self-built Yurt in France with his wife and their daughter, and how he plans to build a Japanese inspired eco-community for artists and world weary sonic adventurers. I for one cannot wait to take a trip over and collaborate ASAP.

Be sure to check out his recent work on award winning Netflix film Of Love and War –

As always special thanks to my guest Yuichiro and to you the listener for Tapping the Flow with us.

Leaving the sun for the love of the music. Tapping the Flow with Pablo Tato

This week I chatted with my old band mate Pablo Tato.
Pablo is a Spanish born/London based session guitarist/composer/producer who played with me in my Pillarcat project many moons ago. Since then he has gone on to play in studio for the likes of Paul Epworth, Adele, Lana del Ray and is on the road with Sophie Ellis-Bextor and many other well known acts.
Since the pandemic began Pablo took to creating the wonderful A|Part project where he produced an album of cover version with many of the performers he has graced the stages with over the years, including your truly. The album has a vinyl release and is well worth checking out :
It was such a pleasure to catch up with an old friend who has laid some guitar down for legends of the top end game. We chat about what it takes to make the most of ones skills set and about how a love for music can guide every move you make and evolve over time.

Gracing the stage as an 8 piece Duo. Tapping the Flow with The Blackheart Orchestra

This week I shared a mighty banter filled hour laughing with the wonderful duo The Blackheart Orchestra.

When you catch them live you will be listening to an 8 piece band but you will be witnessing a supremely talented and adventurous musical Duo surrounded by swathes of gear. Such is the sonic palette in which they practice creativity that they must dive deep with their skill sets when it comes to performance ethic.

Their recently released album Mesmeranto is full of beautiful songwriting taken to thrilling heights by a production style that echoes The Cocteau Twins, Mike Oldfield & Kate Bush. We discuss how and why they take such a huge amount of stuff on the road to bring this music to life as well as how the pursuit of happiness can be hindered by its attainment. 🙂

You can hear the duo here :


Singing the deepest of thoughts with the lightest of hearts. Tapping the Flow with Samantha Whates

London based Scottish Singer/Songwriter Samantha Whates is a true champion of truth, discovery and delivery on her gem cut recordings that capture her angelically pure voice as it delivers revelation based songs atop a multi-textured finger picked guitar, all dressed up with realtime accompaniments set in the oddest of locations.
We sat down to discuss what it was that took Samantha on a journey of songwriting in the first place, and how this led to her recording at 3 am in a London tube station.
Intrigued? Well, you should be. When someone is bold enough to pursue such an idea the results will speak for themselves. Her latest album ‘Waiting Rooms’ is a treasure.
Thanks for Tapping the Flow.

Trusting the flow to mine the tunnels. Tapping the Flow with Lou Rhodes

This week I am joined by peerless creative practitioner Lou Rhodes of the seminal UK Electronic music duo Lamb. Lou Rhodes has, alongside co-creator Andy Barlow, carved out an emblematic position for blending song with electronic music on the world stage with some incredible sonic journeys over the years.

Many of you will be familiar with Lamb’s music. As a solo artist she has been Mercury Music Prize nominated for her debut solo album ‘Beloved One’. It was after the release of this album that I joined her as guitarist, having just relocated from Ireland, for an amazing couple of years of touring.

We get deep into the tunnels as we discuss what one has to let go of in order to trust that the crops will grow in our creative fields. We talk about Lou’s inspiring journey and how she is always aiming to draw from the energy of a greater consciousness than that of the individual.

This is a truly inspiring chat with one of my favourite singers/songwriters/creatives on the planet.

From seed to tree, spreading communal roots. Tapping the Flow with Becci Wallace

Becci Wallace stands tall and mighty as a beacon of positivity in Glasgow’s thriving music scene. Her infectious energy and dedication to community healing through songwriting is a wonderful source of warmth to any who get to hear her speak passionately about her time as a music professional.

We speak about her own personal journey and how it has fuelled her reserves with massive potency for life long journey as a creative guide and practitioner. She drinks from the well of her own experiences and shares the spoils with those who step gingerly on the pathway to creative enlightenment.

Head on over to and soak up the truthful reflection in her work.

Thank you to Becci for spending some time speaking with me.

Aiming high with the low notes. Tapping the Flow with Ben Ellis.

I sat down to chat with Scottish bassist Ben Ellis who holds the low end together for the likes of Iggy Pop, Marc Almond, Swervedriver, and many more. We had a fantastic chat about what it takes to get where you want to get to and how to navigate the ups and downs of the game.

Ben also went straight after the challenge of coming up with a song for the show and graces the tape with his vocals for the first time with his own material. Its a wonderful moment and really holds a candle to the canvas as some fresh paint falls to dry in a new form.

For anyone interested in the world of session playing whist also retaining a sense of your own style this is the chat for you. Ben is a total pro and a lovely fella to hang out with.

Chasing your fears in search of liberation. Tapping the Flow with Colm Forde

Colm Forde is a man who is unafraid to dive straight into uncomfortable waters because he knows that is where he will find growth and fulfill his true potential.

Founder and music programmer, along with his partner Vanessa Lobon, of the Doc’N Roll Film Festival, Colm has for the past 7 years been involved in building the festival from the ground up, to where it is now a firmly planted grass roots promoting film festival serving alternative content from around the world.

We discuss everything from how Colm’s is able to thrive under pressure to how he puts together the festival program. If you want to know what it takes to get a film in this festival this is the place to start.

Doc’N Roll Film Festival is a hub of amazing music documentaries screening all sorts of left field musical brilliance from Punk to Pop, Metal to Soul and even Library Music origins.

Head on over to the website and show some love to the under the radar indie music docs that Colm, Vanessa and the team work so hard to mine from the underground.

Producing music from the same side of the glass. Tapping the flow with David Booth

Suffolk based Producer/Songwriter/Mentor David Booth is a man who knows what it takes to avoid any routes to music creation that lead to sterility of performance.

Honing his mindset over years of being in bands, with labels and management, to becoming the go-to guy in Suffolk for authentic music production, David marks his place as a knowledgeable, open and affable human being who is keen to help others along the way.

We chat in depth about his story and how it ties into his approach to working on his own music and working with others. Suffolk has a fine crop of artists who rely upon him to guide them toward an end product that satisfies their own emotional connection to the origin of the idea.

You can find out more about David Booth at his website :

Thanks very much for Tapping the Flow.

Flowtappers Zoom Hang Session 01

A Zoom hangout with Tim O’Shea, Catherine Rudie, Damien Flynn, Gabi Garbutt & Chris Brambley.