Crafting the art for the communion of song. Tapping the Flow with Brendan O’Shea.

Join me as I set sail upon an unchartered ocean with a Capitan whose harbour of origin is the same as mine. 

Killarney Singer/Songwriter Brendan O’Shea takes me on journey though his amazing story from the ragged coast of South West Ireland’s Co. Kerry to the humanimal soaked streets of New York. Here he set up the infamous Scratcher Sessions in the East Village, a place where songwriters can cut their teeth and hone their art under the watchful gaze of a truly appreciative crowd. 

Brendan’s own music is a hugely engaging and joyous listen, sung by a man with a heart made to be opened and stories made to be recounted. I urge you to take a trip to Brendan’s Website : – where ye can enjoy some of his works. Head on over to Spotify and give ‘Be Here Still‘ a listen. That’ll work its way right into the hearth of your everyday fire.

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