‘This is beautiful’
– Passenger
‘There’s this guy from Kerry called Stephen Hodd… one to watch!’
– Paul Brady
‘A power of fires gently raised from glistening embers’
– Damien Flynn
‘Possibly the best work to date from this seasoned writer… Full of emotive, explosive, expression, authenticity and only one mic recording leaves enough rough edges to hang your hat on’
– Tim O’Shea Producer/Musician/Arranger

‘As someone who often struggles to enjoy over produced music yet finds himself beholden to commit to such a delivery in many working moments; as it is the want of the industry in which I partake to seek such ‘perfection’, I find it so liberating and emboldening to surrender to the release of such a pure moment in time. I am reminded of the possibility that when the lights go out in the external world a light comes on within. One needs few tools save for a guitar and a song to commit truth to such an artistically pure moment. Everything else is just stuff.’

Stephen William Hodd